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405.2.2-Asphalt Emulsion: The asphalt emulsion for Chip Seals and the emulsion for the fog seal shall be from a WVDOT approved source and shall meet the requirements of AASHTO M316, Table 1. Other asphalt emulsions may be used with testing and approval prior to construction. Testing shall be done a minimum of two weeks prior to the projected

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central plant. Several types of asphalt can be used in the hot process. Asphalt produced by the propane precipi-tation process includes an antifoaming agent. This ingredient must be neutralized before the asphalt can be used for foamed asphalt. Both foamed asphalt and the high impact process allow only a very short mixing time while the asphalt ...

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Stabilization can be carried out in place or in a central plant. Several types of asphalt can be used in the hot process. Asphalt produced by the propane ... Asphalt emulsions are manufactured to comply with Alaska Standard Specifications 702, which ... Emulsified Asphalt Mixtures,” NCHRP Report 259, Transportation Research Board, 1984.

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Porous Asphalt Pavement is an emerging technology in the United States. It consists of standard bituminous asphalt with reduced fine particles and high (20 %) void content. The high porosity of the mix allows water to penetrate directly through the pavement surface.

Sheet0 All Resources Account: Middle East Technical University (METU) Date run: 2015-01-16 Resource Author Publisher ISBN e-ISBN URL 15 Most Common Obstacles to World-Class Reliability - A Roadmap for Managers

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TRB Transportation Research Circular E-C102: Asphalt Emulsion Technology includes four papers designed to serve as an overview of the chemistry, production, quality assurance testing, and application of bituminous emulsions.  The papers were produced following a technical session at the 2005 TRB 84th Annual Meeting on bituminous emulsions.


The recommended emulsions are to be in accordance with AASHTO M208 or M14 0. Before appl ying the fog seal, sweep the chip seal or roadway to remove an y loose aggregate, mud, dirt, dust, and other caked material or loose foreign material that may have accumulate on the roadway . Uniformly apply the asphalt emulsion with an aspha lt

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A traditional asphalt pavement (Fig. 1a), is a multi-layered structure, with up to three layers of asphalt (wearing, binder, and base) typically over one or two layers of unbound granular material.The high temperatures required to produce conventional hot mix asphalt (HMA) are achieved by the combustion of fossil fuels, involving high amounts of energy consumption and …

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The viscosity and amount of asphalt binder in an HMA mixture (among other factors) will affect the compatibility of the mix. The higher the viscosity of the binder the stiffer the mix at a given temperature. The asphalt rubber binder is a high viscosity material. Asphalt rubber mixtures must be …

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• Supplied in grades depending on its consistency/viscosity • For emulsions viscosity is defined by tests like penetration and softening point • The choice of asphalt depends on the end use. • Most asphalt grades can be supplied in emulsion form.

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bitumen mixing machine production 1h Asphalt emulsion Manufacturers Suppliers China asphalt. mobile asphalt emulsion plant supplier natural cold ... 2018 6 19 asphalt mixing plant & concrete plant manufacturer in china. supplier of mobile asphalt plant, asphalt drum mix plant. best concrete & asphalt plant for sale. rubber bitumen plant, asphalt emulsion plant, there are 5 standard production ...

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TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 495: Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Recycled Asphalt Shingles in Asphalt Mixtures summarizes current practices for the use of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) in the design, production, and construction of asphalt mixtures.

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Viscosity Grade Bitumen (Asphalt) AASHTO Designation: M 226-80 (2008) ASTM Designation: ASTM D3381-09. Viscosity Grade Bitumen (Asphalt) is a standard grade Bitumen usually used as a Paving Grade Bitumen suitable for road construction and for the production of asphalt pavements with superior properties.

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& S U P P L Y Bituminous Materials & Supply A Heritage Group Company For additional information Asphalt Materials Inc. Products Contact your Local Sales Representative or Heritage Research Group Plant Locations: Des Moines, IA • Tama, IA HFMS-2 Description HFMS-2 is an anionic medium to rapid setting


January 24, 2020 Unless otherwise noted in the proposal, all bids must be submitted over the Internet via Bid Express. When written bids are allowed, sealed proposals

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Aggregates Also available is a database of Aggregate Producers. The database contains producers and corresponding sizes of aggregate materials that are qualified to supply New Jersey Department of Transportation projects along with the average test values of the latest results.

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Check out NCHRP’s Report 784 on the best practices for crack treatments for asphalt pavements. To combat sagging as sealant cools and shrinks, some material suppliers recommend filling the crack ¾ of the way and then allowing it to cool before filling completely.


package containing an asphalt emulsion with a very high percentage of asphalt residue, around 70%. The chemistry package includes adhesion promoters, emulsifying agents, and materials to improve workability. Evotherm behaves much like a standard asphalt emulsion, but there are key differences that make Evotherm feasible as a warm mix additive.

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Chapter 8 Asphalt Plant Supervisor and Operations ... 2.0.0 ASPHALT PLANT MAJOR COMPONENTS ... Asphalt Emulsions B flflflfl "ˇ–8Q ˜–8

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Asphalt Contractor provides HMA material producers, highway contractors and public works officials with critical "how-to" information on the process of HMA production, paving, and preservation. It ...

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About Hudson Materials Company In July of 2005, Hudson Materials Company assumed the operations. of Vulcan’s Asphalt Emulsion business. The two plants, located in Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee, produce a variety of anionic and cationic emulsion products used in applications by state and local D.O.T.’s, as well as private contractors.

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rap) and asphalt concrete from a pit, crusher or asphalt plant for a Department Contract. Department Truck Rates to apply. 15.4 Hauling Materials To Produce Granular Materials. The 80-20 rule applies to the hauling of all material which is to be used to produce granular material including stone chips (with exception of

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The operation is very similar to the hot process, but as the name implies there is not heat. The asphalt pavement material removed from the roadway can be fed into a drum mixer or a conventional batch plant as shown in Figure 6 (Epps, et a 1 , 1980). The reclaimed material is mixed with new aggregates, asphalt and/or modifiers in the plant.


The selected asphalt binder PG for this study was PG 58-28. Asphalt binder was blended with two ReOB products from two different manufacturers (CC-type and SK-type) at various percentages of ReOB (3%, 6%, and 9%). All asphalt binders (six different blends in addition to the control) were characterized using the SuperPave asphalt binder PG system.

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Performance ASPHALT EMULSION PRIME (AEP) AEMA Guidelines Rev. 1 Mar 2004 10-2 vided the same results are obtained and the emulsion is recommended by the emul-sion manufacturer for AEP. 10.4.1 Dilution If the emulsion is used in diluted form, the water used for dilution of the AEP shall be clean, potable, free of sedim ents and soluble salts.

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This high quality material makes it possible to fill potholes or carry out patch repair with open graded cold remix made on-site. The methods typically used for the repair of potholes using asphalt emulsions are throw-and-roll and full-depth removal and replacement.

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TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 435: Recycled Materials and Byproducts in Highway Applications—Manufacturing and Construction Byproducts, Volume 8 summarizes the results of a project that describes the experiences of transportation agencies in determining the relevant properties of manufacturing and construction byproducts …


HFRS = high float rapid set C = Cationic AE = anionic emulsion •Suffix 90,150, or 300 = penetration ranges h = hard penetration P,M or L = modified with polymer or latex 1 = low viscosity, stored @ cooler temps 2= high viscosity, stored @ higher temps

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Another issue that contribute to higher initial cost of the wet process-high viscosity are plant modifications. In case of the production of field blends it is necessary to adapt standard hot mix asphalt plant, for instance with portable units as illustrated in Section 2.3.3.

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1-1 ADDENDUM ACKNOWLEDGMENT Each bidder is required to acknowledge receipt of an addendum issued for a specific project. This page is provided for the purpose of acknowledging an addendum.

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RETURN WITH BID Printed 3/27/2020 Page 2 of 6 BLR 12200 (01/08/14) NOTICE TO BIDDERS County TAZEWELL Local Public Agency MORTON R.D. Section Number 20-14000-02-GM(NON-MFT)


The basic asphalt price index will be the most recent monthly asphalt price index before receipt of bids. Should a monthly asphalt price index increase 50 percent or more over the basic asphalt price index, no additional HMA shall be furnished for the Project without written approval from the Director of Construction Services and Materials.

i Foreword To purchase a copy of this book, go to the Department’s web page,, Support Services Division, or call the Department’s Support ...

NCHRP 9-43 Mix Design Practices for Warm Mix Asphalt

NCHRP Project 9-43, Mix Design Practices for Warm-Mix Asphalt Technologies, was the first national effort in standardizing WMA mix design practices in the United States.


asphalt binder replacement shall not exceed 50 % of the total asphalt binder in the mixture. 2/ When the binder replacement exceeds 15 % for all mixes, except for SMA and IL4.75, the high and low virgin asphalt binder grades shall - each be reduced by one grade (i.e. 25 % binder replacement using a

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What does the Asphalt Institute say regarding pavement preservation and maintenance, including timing, distresses, materials, crack sealing, patching, and the various surface treatments options. The Asphalt Institute’s. MS-16, Asphalt in Pavement Preservation and Maintenance. , is our official publication on these topics.

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