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Tests on Fresh Concrete

Cite this Video JoVE Science Education Database. Structural Engineering. Tests on Fresh Concrete. JoVE, Cambridge, MA, (2020). Principles In the trial batch method, an appropriate water-to-cement ratio (w/c, by mass) is first selected to obtain the desired strength (Table 1) and durability (Table 2); then a mixture is made with that specific …

Use of Water Reducers, Retarders, and Superplasticizer

ASTM C494 Type F and Type G, High Range Water Reducer (HRWR) and retarding admixtures are used to reduce the amount of water by 12% to 30% while maintaining a certain level of consistency and workability (typically from 75 mm to 200 mm) and to increase workability for reduction in w/cm ratio. The use of superplasticizers may produce high strength concrete (compressive strength up to 22,000 psi).

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31-3-2020 · Admixtures are materials added to concrete before or during mixing. Most admixtures are chemicals that change some property of the fresh or hardened concrete. Water, aggregates, cementitious materials (pozzolans and hydraulic cements [fly ash, silica fume, slag cement]), and fiber reinforcement are not considered admixtures.

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Admixtures in concrete confer some beneficial effects such as acceleration, retardation, air entrainment, water reduction, plasticity, and these effects are due to their action on cement. The quality of fresh concrete is determined by

Water Reducing Plasticizers

HIGH RANGE WATER REDUCING AND RETARDING CONCRETE ADMIXTURE . Complies with ASTM C494 Type G. Product description: ISOFLEX 390 is specially designed for improving the concrete flow ability and strength by improving the properties of fresh and hardened concrete. Advantages: Makes possible major reductions in water: cement ratio which allows the production of high strength concrete …

Concrete Additives

Admixtures are natural or manufactured chemicals that are added to the concrete before or during mixing. The most often used admixtures are air-entraining agents, water reducers, water-reducing retarders and accelerators.

Here’s What you Need to Know About Concrete Admixtures

2019/05/14 · Water reducers have been used primarily in bridge decks, low-slump concrete overlays, and patching concrete. Recent advancements in admixture technology have led to the development of mid-range water reducers. Water

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From adding accelerators to speed up the setting time in cold temperatures to adding water reducers to retard setting in hot weather, admixtures make concrete easier to work with and can increase its strength. For all your concrete needs or questions, contact Intermountain Concrete Specialties.

Water Reducing Admixture for Concrete

It is a concrete admixture that can reduce water consumption while the concrete slump is basically unchanged. Most of the water reducers belong to the anionic surfactant. Adding the water reducer admixture into concrete, then it can reduce the unit water consumption, improve concrete’s workability and the fluidity of the concrete mixture.


C260, Specification for Air-Entraining Admixtures for Concrete. 2. WATER REDUCERS are used for two different purposes: (1) to lower the water content in fresh concrete and to increase its strength; (2) to obtain higher slump without adding additional water. Water-reducers reduce the required water content of a concrete mixture for a target ...

Materials Selection Guide: Water-Reducing Admixtures

2006/12/05 · These admixtures, marketed as midrange water reducers, can provide water reduction up to 12% and often meet the requirements of ASTM C 494 for Type A water-reducing admixtures. Superplasticizers High-range water reducers (HRWR), also known as superplasticizers are covered in ACI 212.4.

Why Add Accelerating Admixtures to Concrete

Nov 09, 2005 · To kick the set time of a batch of concrete into high gear, hit the accelerator. Like water reducers, retarders and plasticizers, accelerators are one of the most popular kinds of chemical admixtures, added to a concrete batch either immediately before or during mixing.


Superplasticizers, also known as plasticizers or high-range water reducers (HRWR), reduce water content by 12 to 30 percent and can be added to concrete with a low-to-normal slump and water-cement ratio to make high-slump

Admixtures for Cold Weather Concreting

Learn how the correct use of admixtures can make placing concrete in winter months easier and ensure the best results from your concrete. ... Admixtures for Cold Weather . ... Superplasticsers are high range water reducers.

What are Concrete Admixtures?

2019/05/07 · (The more water added to concrete will weaken the strength of the concrete once it has cured) (2) To obtain a higher slump without adding additional water and increasing workability. High Range Water Reducers Plasticizers are

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This usually indicates that a higher strength concrete can be produced without increasing the amount of cement. Recent advancements in admixture technology have led to the development of mid-range water reducers. These admixtures reduce water content by at least 8 percent and tend to be more stable over a wider range of temperatures.

Concrete Admixtures, Superplasticizers: ACI Guide (ACI-212

ACI-212.4R-04: Guide for the Use of High-Range Water-Reducing Admixtures (Superplasticizers) in Concrete . This document is Withdrawn. High-range water-reducing admixtures can increase the strength of concrete and provide greatly increased workability without adding more water. Consequently, the use of high-range water-reducing admixtures is increasing substantially in the concrete industry.

CIP 15 - Chemical Admixtures for Concrete

HRWRs reduce the water content of a given concrete mixture between 12 and 25%. HRWRs are therefore used to increase strength and reduce permeability of concrete by reducing the water content in the mixture; or greatly increase the slump to produce “flowing” con-crete without adding water. These admixtures are es-

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Superplasticizer Admixtures. These admixtures are high range water reducers that can reduce water demand up to 20%. Effects and Uses of “Supers” Used for pumped or tremied mixes. Lower water-cement ratio. Increase flowability. Used for precast production

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7-10-2016 · High range water reducers and superplasticizers achieve significant water reduction required for the fluidity of fresh concrete. They increase compressive strength of concrete and maintain an excellent workability and flow ability. Ideal for the production of Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) and other types of concrete –

What is the composition of concrete?

Nov 07, 2017 · Composition of concrete Many types of concrete are available, distinguished by the proportions of the main ingredients below. In this way or by substitution for the cementitious and aggregate phases, the finished product can be tailored to its app...

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Benefitting from the expertise of the Sika Group - the second largest producer of concrete admixtures in the world, Sika Canada offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of admixtures and additives available on the market.

Adding to the mix: Using admixtures to get your concrete

Aug 19, 2019 · Here, Salazar says, the goal is producing strong, workable concrete with as little water as possible. Also known as high-range water reducers, superplasticizers can cut the amount of water in the mix by anywhere from 15 to 30 per cent, compared to five to eight per cent for a conventional water reducer.

Properties of Fresh Concrete

2017/03/14 · Properties of fresh concrete include workability, air content, temperature and setting time. It is important to perform some tests on fresh concrete. Workability Workability means the ease with which a concrete can be

Faq – Frequently Asked Question on Super Plasticisers

It is also used to improve the workability/place ability of fresh concrete. 40) What are Superplasticizers / High Range Water-Reducers? Superplasticizers are liquid chemical admixtures used in concrete because of its ability to perform as a highly effective wetting agent.

Revealing the Mystery of Admixtures: Water-Reducing and

Water reducers are dosed by weight of cement, usually referenced as fluid ounces per hundred pounds of cement (fl. oz./cwt). Most low- and mid-range water-reducing admixtures are dosed up front with the mix water. High-range water-reducing admixtures are usually added at the job site prior to placement.

Construction Sequence of Raft or Mat Foundation

Jun 14, 2017 · CEGS 03300 didn’t recommend to use superplasticizers or high-range water reducers. When plinth area of structure is very large, it is found often the construction as well pouring of concrete is done by parts; while concreting one portion, excavation, filling or preparation of bearing surface on the other portions are going on.

Concrete Production Process

Jul 26, 2016 · Air Admixtures: Air admixtures help to create resilience in concrete. These admixtures are designed to help create microscopic air bubbles in the concrete. They’re a key component in keeping concrete from cracking during very cold weather. Plasticizers or Water Reducers: Plasticizers are sometimes added when concrete has a low water ratio ...

Chemical Admixtures of Concrete

2017/03/14 · High range water reducers or super plasticizers should meet the requirements specified in ASTM C494/C494M titled ‘Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete’. Other Admixtures of Concrete Besides these standard types of admixtures there are some other admixtures of concrete available in market for some special concrete …

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