durability behaviour of concrete on the use of quarry dust in the place of natural sand are listed here. In addition to crushed rock material, the fly ash may be used as an alternative material for fine aggregate sand. To increase the workability and strength of concrete super plasticizer may be used. These criteria viewed from

Bond Behaviour of Reinforced Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer

In view of sustainable development in the construction industry, investigation has been carried out on fly ash-based geopolymer concrete, which is an environmentally friendly material that uses geopolymer paste as binder instead of Portland cement.

Effect of Curing Temperature and Silicate Concentration on

Apr 14, 2006 · Fly-ash-based geopolymer can be classified as a mesoporous aluminosilicate material, with a Si/Al composition varying from 1.51 to 2.24. The Si/Al composition and pore structure of fly-ash-based geopolymer vary depending on the curing temperature and the silicate ratio of the activating solutions (SiO2/M2O, M = Na or K).

An Experimental Study on Strength Behaviour of Fly Ash Based Geo

An Experimental Study on Strength Behaviour of Fly Ash Based Geo Polymer Concrete B. N S Murali Krishna*, * P.G Student, Dept. of Civil Engineering, B V C Engineering College, Odalarevu, Ap Prof Dr. D. S. V. Prasad ** ** Prof. & Principal, Dept. of Civil

Geopolymer Concrete - A New Eco-friendly Material of Construction

In order to meet the growing energy demand of the country, coal-based thermal power generation is expected to play a dominant role in the future as well, since coal reserves in India are expected to last for more than 100 years. The ash content of coal used by thermal power plants in India varies between 25 and 45%.


to examine the behavior of fly ash based GPC. 2. OBJECTIVE: The experimental study on behavior of fly ash based geo-polymer concrete and other parameters like strength properties, concentration of alkaline solution, ratio of NaOH to Na 2SiO 3, curing time, additional water in mix. 3. METHODOLOGY In the present study, fly cinder of Class F (low ...

Pavement performance monitoring, modeling, and management

Get this from a library! Pavement performance monitoring, modeling, and management : selected papers from the proceedings of the Geo-Hubei 2014 International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure, July 20-22, 2014, Yichang, Hubei, China.


this paper study on the behaviour of fly ash based geopolymer concrete is done. For the process of activation of silicon and aluminum content which are present in fly ash a combination of Na 2SiO 3 and NaOH alkaline activators of 18 Molarity were used. 3.1. Fly

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17 Stabilization And Compaction Of Soil: Fly Ash 18 A New Method To Determine Plastic Limit Of Soil 19 Stabilisation Of Soil With Lime For Rural Roads 20 Characteristic Study Of Bc Soil Of Budni Village 21 Strength Of Reinforced Soil Beams Under Flexture 22 Atudy Of Local Soils For Ammed Earth Construction


Various mix proportions of fly ash aggregates were manufactured in the ratio of 95:5, 90: 10 and 85: 15 respectively and were blended with concrete M25 grade to study the compressive strength behaviour of fly ash aggregate addition.

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CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Abstract — Due to growing environmental concerns of the cement industry alternative cement technologies have become an area of increasing interest. One such thing is ...

Effect of Glass Powder on Geopolymer Concrete

the behaviour of fly ash based GPC containing different per-centage of glass powder and which is then compared to pure fly ash based geopolymer concrete free from glass powder. Here workability test, compressive strength test, and split tensile strength test have been conducted on different concrete mixes.


Mar 06, 2017 · There is substantial gain in compressive strength of fly ash based geopolymer This work can be enhanced for various molarities under various temperatures and various activator ratios. Geopolymer concrete, Molarity, Strength, Activator ratio. Ch. Hema Sindhusha and V. Ranga Rao, Study on Behavior of Alkali Activated Flyash based Geopolymer Concrete.

Flexural Behaviour of Ferro cement Slab by Using GGBS and

fly-ash based geo polymer concrete without Portland cement”. The study includes various parameters such as curing process, compressive strength, workablility, resistance against aggressive environment and behavior of geopolymer at elevated temperature. The study concluded that normal concrete in many aspects


ges, on the mechanical properties of the fly-ash-based geopolymer paste and mortar and to investigate the influence of a sand addition on the microstructural properties of the fly-ash-based geopolymers. 2 EXPERIMENT The fly ash sourced for this investigation was supplied from the coal-fired power station Pljevlja in Montenegro.

Geopolymer concrete for environmental protection

This paper is deals primarily with low-calcium fly ash-based geopolymer concrete. Low-calcium (ASTM Class F) fly ash is preferred as a source material than high-calcium (ASTM Class C) fly ash. The presence of calcium in high amounts may interfere with the polymerization process and alter the microstructure [7,8], and hence compromise

[PDF] Study on Fly Ash and GGBS Based Geopolymer Concrete

2020/4/16 · @inproceedings{Zende2015StudyOF, title={Study on Fly Ash and GGBS Based Geopolymer Concrete Under Ambient Curing}, author={Mamatha.A Rohit Zende}, year={2015} } Mamatha.A Rohit Zende Construction has been most important human activity since ancient time. Concrete is widely used and reliable material ...


May 17, 2016 · A study on performance of fly ash based geo-polymer concrete in chemical atmosphere August, 2015 A Study on structural behavior of high raised buildings for rectangular shape modeling of 30-storeys r.c.c. framed building August, 2015 Evaluation studies of high raised structure modeling for rectangle shape of 20- storey r.c.c framed buildings

Prediction of moisture-density characteristics of compacted

several fly ash-modified soil mixtures. This study specifically focuses on the ability of the mixture models to predict moisture-density characteristics of compacted fill containing varying percentages of fly ash. The results of this study show that the behaviour of the mixture is a function of the fly ash component and the fractions of each ...

One-Pot Synthesis of GeAs Ultrafine Particles from Coal Fly

Jun 16, 2017 · In our previous study, ... Synthesis of GeAs ultrafine particles from coal fly ash based on inert-gas consolidation process ... GeO 2 in coal fly ash could not be involved in the reduction ...

New Formulation of Fly Ash Class C Based Geopolymer for Oil

Fly ash based geopolymer cement has been recently investigated as a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative to Portland cement. This research develops a novel formulation of Class C fly ash based geopolymer and investigates its applicability as an alternative to Portland cement in …


in by- product materials such as fly ash and GGBS to produce binders. 2.3 Literatures On Geopolymer: Ganapati Naidu. P, A.S.S.N.Prasad reported in this paper that an attempt is made to study strength properties of geopolymer concrete using low calcium fly ash replacing with slag in 5 different percentages.

Design of Geopolymer Concrete

In the present study, fly ash, blast furnace slag and catalytic liquids have been used to prepare Geopolymer concrete mixes. This study is continued to investigate the behaviour of such Geopolymer concrete under high temperatures ranging from 1000C to 5000C.

Experimental investigation on studying the flexural behaviour of

This work is aimed to cast and testing of the GPC two way slabs with restrained end conditions and also to study behaviour of slabs ... of Fly ash and GGBS basedSelf-Compacting Geo polymer ...

A/Prof Faiz Shaikh | Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Shaikh, F. U. A. 2013. "Deflection hardening behaviour of short fibre reinforced fly ash based geo-polymer composites." Materials and Design 50: 674-682. Ahmed, S. F. U. 2013. "Properties of Concrete Containing Construction and Demolition Wastes and Fly Ash." Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 25 (12): 1864-1870.

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Projects at The UT Arlington - Spain IRES Site on Hazard Mitigation for Civil Infrastructure that will bring together 18 civil engineering and civil engineering-bound undergraduate students (six per year for three years) from several community colleges and universities.

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Class C Fly Ash

Apr 09, 2013 · The synthesis of fly ash-based geopolymer mortar must consider the appropriate mass ratio of sand to fly ash. A previous study revealed that the mass ratio of sand to fly ash could vary from 1.5 to 2.75 [21,22,23]. And 40 wt. % sand samples were considered optimistic . In this study, the mortar had 63 wt. % sand in the sample with 0.35 of water ...

Compressive Strength of Silica Fume Based Geopolymer Concrete

Effect of age on compressive strength of silica fume based geopolymer concrete: The results for the different ages of silica fume based geopolymer concrete are shown in Fig. 3a-c, respectively. Since the silica fume based geopolymer concrete are subjected to thermal curing for a period of 6 h and kept in a room temperature for a desired period ...

Engineering Properties of Black cotton soil Modified with Fly

stabilized fly ash-soil mixes, Kolias, S. (2005)4 studied Stabilization of Clayey soils with high calcium fly ash and cement, Phanikumar, B.R. (2007)8 studied Volume changes Behaviour of fly ash-stabilized clay, Pandian, N.S. (2002)6 studied The pozzolanic effect of fly ash on the CBR behaviour of black cotton soil.

ALKALI Activated FLY-ASH Based Geopolymer Concrete

The main objective of this study involves observation of structural behaviours of the fresh fly ash-based geo-polymer concrete, understanding the basic mixture proportioning of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete and evaluating various economic considerations.

Geotechnical study of behaviour of high concentration

The behaviour of this HCSD disposal system and a comparison with lean slurry will enable a detailed insight to the thermal power industries. The aim of the project is to geotechnical study on the behaviour of high concentrated ash slurry.

Dr. Ravi Kumar Sharma

An experimental study on uplift behaviour of granular anchor pile in stabilized expansive soil ... Effect of fly ash, construction demolition waste and lime on ...

Tensile and flexural behaviour of recycled polyethylene

This paper presents the effect of recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibre as reinforcing fibre for geopolymer composite. Tensile and flexural behaviour of PET fibre reinforced ambient cure geopolymer (ACG) composite is studied and compared with those of counterpart cement and cement-fly ash (CFA) composites reinforced by the same fibre.

Behaviour of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Panels Under Fire

This paper examines the influence of the type of fly ash and activating solution in the development of fly ash-based geopolymers used to manufacture panels with fire resistance properties. Two fly ashes with different vitreous phase contents, from coal combustion and from coal and pet-coke co-combustion, were used as the aluminosilicate source. Two activating solutions were also used: sodium ...

Correlation studies on index properties of fly ash-stabilised

This paper proposes an innovative clay liner material in the form of fly ash-stabilised (or, fly ash-blended) expansive clay and presents a study on variation of index properties of the blend with varying fly ash content in the blend and concentration of salt solutions.

Publications for Geopolymer and Mineral Processing Group

(2014) “Chemical characterisation of metakaolin and fly ash based geopolymers during exposure to solvents used in carbon capture” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control ELSEVIER SCI LTD. pp: 255-266.

Effects of Industrial and Agricultural Wastes on Mud Blocks

Jan 11, 2020 · For this research, the red soil sample was drawn, and a steady percentage of the geopolymer was used along with distinct proportions of stabilizers such as fly ash, groundnut shell ash, bagasse ash, and GGBFS. Geopolymer was used in the manufacture of stabilized mud blocks as a binding agent. The geopolymer solution’s effects on mud block strength have been researched. The effects of ...

Strength Characteristics of Fly Ash Mixed With Lime

Strength Characteristics of Fly Ash Mixed With Lime Stabilized Soil 431 consolidated undrained triaxial shear test, the value of c and Φ increases from 60.7 kN/m 2 to 65.5 kN/m 2, and 13 0 to 15.2 0, respectively with increase in the amount of fly ash from 5% to 15% and then it decreases with further increase in fly ash.


Jul 04, 2012 · The objectives of this paper are to present the results of study on the behaviour and strength of fly ash-based geopolymer reinforced concrete structural members such as beams and columns through experimental and analytical works. The experimental work involved manufacturing and testing of twelve reinforced beams and twelve reinforced columns.

Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete

In geopolymer, fly ash act as binder and alkaline solution act as an activator. Fly ash and alkaline activator undergo geopolymerization process to produce alumino silicate gel. Alkaline solution used for present study is combination of sodium hydroxide (NaOH

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